Lizard Control Services For Housing Societies, Food factories, Etc. In India

Lizard control service provider for hotels, resorts, etc in India. Easycare helps you to get rid of Lizards by providing best pest control services for removal of dangerous & poisonous lizards from the surrounding.


  • Suborder : Lacertilia
  • Color : Brown
  • Length : 4.5 mm
  • Sound : Minor
  • Appearance : Have scales and horny plates on their body
  1. Common lizards give birth to live young, whereas other reptiles lay eggs.
  2. In order to grow, they shed their skin once in a year. This helps them to dispose parasites, dirt and deposits from their skin.
  1. They dwell on dry hills, you will also find that at semi-natural areas like sea walls, railway embankments, etc.
  2. A suitable habitat will be south facing sunny areas in an open vegetation.

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