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Best weed control service provider company in Delhi – India. Fed up with irregular weeds growing near your house or factory premises get rid of them with Easycare’s weed removal services.

Facts & Identification Information

Any plant out of place can become a garden enemy. These grass are not suitable for the plant and hence are either plucked or treated. The treatment of weed is done by burning them with the help of a chemical. The herbicides used to destroy weeds burn the grass without causing any harm to the plants.

Weeds can be divided into roughly two categories — annual and perennial — with the difference being how they reproduce. They each have a different life cycle. Once you know which a weed is, you can determine the best way to control it.

The easiest way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from occurring. All weeds spread by seeds. Some seeds can live for many years in the soil.

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