Best Pest Control Treatment Services For Wood Borer In India

Best wood borer pest control service provider company in Delhi – India. Easycare provides best wood borer treatment services which helps in protecting your wood furniture from wood borer.

Wood Borer

  • Scientific name:Hylotrupes bajulus
  • Color : Black/Brown
  • Length :Adult Borer is 8 – 25 mm.
  • Sound : None
  • Appearance :On the thorax you will find greyish hair and 2 black spots which resemble like eyes.
  • Wood borer larvae lives between 3 – 11 years before emerging.
  • They create wood holes between 3 – 7mm.
  • They are mostly found on most susceptible wood types like pune, spruce, etc.
  • Often the timbers used in the roof space are infested.
  • They can cause a lot of damage in the timber around the chimney area. They produce large amount of bore-dust with cylindrical pellets. These are visible in a blistered way on the surface of the wood.
  • Longhorn borers can fly in a sunny weather. This enables them to infest from one building to another.

Lyctus brunneus : Wood Borer

  • Scientific name: Lyctus brunneus
  • Color : Reddish or Dark brown.
  • Length :1 – 7 mm.
  • Sound : None
  • Appearance :The Larva is white in colour, slightly curved and can measure up to 5mm when fully developed
  • If the condition is favourable, then it takes 9-12 months to develop fully.
  • The life span of an adult is 1 – 3 months only.
  • They attack dry, untreated with chemicals, and rich in starch woods. Woods like Rubberwood, Ramin, Jelutong, Penarahan, Merbau, and Kempas.

Wood Boring Weevil

  • Wood Borer: Wood Boring Weevil
  • Scientific name: None
  • Color : Reddish Brown to black.
  • Length :2.5 – 5 mm in length.
  • Sound : None
  • Appearance :The larva looks like a creamy shite C-shaped, wrinkled and they are legless.
  • Damage occurs with damp and decayed wood. They can be found in timber which are rotten due to cellar fungus.

Common Furniture Beetle

  • Wood Borer: Common Furniture Beetle
  • Scientific name:Anobium punctatum
  • Color :Dark Brown.
  • Length :Adult beetle is 3 – 4mm in length.
  • Sound : None
  • Appearance :Adults are 2.5 to 5mm in length. The adult weevil grows upto 5mm in length.
  • They are active and fly in warm and sunny weather conditions.
  • They can dwell in more places, not only furniture.
  • They can damage decorative woodwork items, musical instruments, wooden tools, and even wooden flooring.
  • They consume both hardwood and softwood.
  • They are very common and often seen in homes, buildings and furniture.


  • Wood Borer: Wharfborer
  • Scientific name: NACERDES MALAMURA
  • Color :Yellow brown with tips of elytra (wing case) black.
  • Length :7–14mm
  • Sound : None
  • Appearance : They have 3 ridges along the length of the elytra.
  • They lay eggs on damp, decaying timber.
  • Larvae bore through wood for about 9 months then emerge in Summer.
  • Larvae require wood to be constantly wetted so that fungi break down the wood fibres.
  • Two main sources of infestation in buildings — structural timbers where rainwater leakage occurs, and pieces of timber buried below concrete foundations, paths and pedestrian precincts

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