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Fumigation services for carpet beetles in Mumbai – India. Easycare helps you to get rid of insects like carpet beetles, cigarette beetles, biscuit beetles, etc. by providing best pest control services to make the surroundings insect free.

Stores are very vulnerable of unwanted pests and insects, hence it is very important to find a pest controller who can give a holistic and permanent solution to this problem. Barn, store rooms, commercial storage, etc. are some of the areas of suspects. The pests could be in any form: rodents, beetles, and other insects.

It is really important to keep an eye on these kind of pests as they can severely harm your business, workers and customers. These pests are really destructive and it is always suggested to work on them before they start severely damaging more products.

The sooner you identify, you can address the issue with a pest control service provider and get them out of there as soon as they can. Having these kind of pests can increase threat towards your employees’ health and the products too. It can cause a huge property loss and may also disrupt your business integrity.

There are many kinds of products kept in a store, hence taking care of your product is equally important to running your business in a healthy way. Implementing preventive measures will help you keep the pests away and can maintain the quality of the product too. Each pest can create a lot of problems.

If you suspect your warehouse is already infested, you need to inspect it to see any obvious signs and hire store pest control services immediately. Having pests in your warehouse poses a huge problem: you may be shipping damaged products to your client, and worse, you may be spreading the infestation to their stores. Below you will find a list of the most common warehouse pests and how to identify them.

Sources of infestation

There are several sources of infestation:

  • Fields
  • Carried-over commodities, waste and rejects.
  • Agricultural machineries
  • Processing plants Farm grain stores and re-used sacks
  • Means of transportation
  • Alternative hibernation sites and hosts

Cigarette Beetle

They are one of the most common warehouse pests. They are known for targeting stored tobacco, and can cause a major amount of destruction to your products.

Cigarette beetles usually stay still for a few seconds when disturbed, so if you come across a bug that “plays dead” you may have a cigarette beetle problem on your hands. In that case, you should hire warehouse pest control services immediately to eradicate the problem.

Small brown insects, measuring 2 to 3 mm in length. They are strong flyers, prefer dark places, and can be identified by their “hump.”

Drugstore Beetle/Biscuit Beetle

The drugstore beetle and cigarette beetle are in the same family, and look very similar.

Very small insects, measuring 2 to 3.5 mm, but unlike their tobacco-loving cousins, they are attracted by light. They can be identified by their wing covers, which are lined with parallel punctures.

Despite their name, drugstore beetles don’t feed on pharmaceuticals. However, legend says they got their name because they infested herbs used by early druggists. Today, they plague businesses by feeding on flour, spices, cereals and other dried stored foods.

Flour Beetle

Flour beetles are common in big warehouses and storage facilities and are often found in groups close to their food sources.

Small, tubular, reddish insects measuring 3 to 4 mm.

There are several species of flour beetles, but they all have one thing in common: they are attracted by flour, pet foods, and cereal products. Flour beetles are common in big warehouses and storage facilities and are often found in groups close to their food sources. Flour beetles are particularly destructive because they give the flour a strange colour and bad odour.

The first step to taking care of your warehouse pest is identifying it correctly. Most pests are very small so you need to identify them in detail. You can check containers for small homes, and small trails left behind by feeding larvae and adults. Once you detected them, get professional help to remove them and causing it to attack again.

The pests may be coming into the warehouse, or they may be transported along with the products. Check your stores too, if they are not sealed properly from somewhere then make sure that you block it so that there is no room for them to enter. If the pests are being transported to the warehouse, you need to treat the source to stop them from damaging your stored goods and preventing any future complications.

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