Easy Care Integrated Solutions India Pvt Ltd Provides Effective Fumigation Services

Pests and rodents can cause serious diseases and can damage business products in several cases. To get rid of these creatures specifically in the food business before they cause any health hazards, you should contact an expert fumigation service provider in India. Prevention is always the best step, but if you already have an invasion, then Easy Care Integrated Solutions India Pvt Ltd can provide the best fumigation solutions.

Well, you might not be aware that, fumigation is like clicking the reset button. When you have a pest infestation in your food processing plant, fumigation is the most effective way to get rid of pests. Over night, you can go from having wall-to-wall bugs to zero pests on your premises. 

Why you should opt for fumigation services to make your food processing units safe from infestations?

  • In the case of the infected food, fumigation is probably the only measure to get rid of these notorious creatures without destroying those products. That’s why it is majorly used in processing plants, warehouses, food processing units, and other large facilities.
  • Fumigation service providers in India can save your business from huge losses. Fumigation also needs closing off airtight spaces in which fumigants are used to eradicate stored products’ pests.
  • It has the ability to reach those areas where pests may hide. It permeates the storehouse, even if it is filled with processed food cartons. Fumigation can reach where sprays, aerosols, and other usual pest control materials cant, ensuring complete pest removal.

How Alumuniun phosphide fumigation (ALP) is used for Fumigation

Alumunium phosphide is an active agent which releases phosphine gas (PH3) when exposed to moisture is implemented to control eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults of most stored product pests. They come in the form of tablets and pouches. It is used across the world for the fumigation of raw and processed commodities. It is mainly used for fumigation in storehouses like silos and railcars. 

Why Easy Care Integrated Solutions India Pvt Ltd can be the best choice to carry out fumigation for your business?

They have been providing pest control services over the years for businesses and houses. Catering to the fumigation needs in Uttarakhand, India. They use the latest techniques and technology to carry out the fumigation process. It is implemented with aluminium phosphide and methyl bromide. The exposure period of methyl bromide is less than that of Aluminium Phosphide and it is how the experts prefer to do it. 

When you want to ensure the best fumigation services for your business or to get free consultation you can call us on – 7290023291.

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